Jenny Rose

Summertime in San Diego can cost a lot of money! With the pool pump, ac and appliances running what seems to be all the time, I’m always scared to open my energy bill. I called KG Energy Pros and they came right out to install the product – it didn’t take long at all. They were super nice and reminded me to call them if I didn’t see savings. Well I didn’t have to call them because I saw an immediate reduction in my energy bill – and more than the $29.99 so it seemed like I should keep trying it. The next month, the savings was even more and now I know that it was a great decision. Thank you!!

Ronald L. Retired Electrical Engineer

My summertime my bill went from $550 a month to $321 and winter it went from $320 a month to $165. I am a retired National Defense electrical engineer and I got my KG-2000 approximately 2 years ago and the savings have been Amazing! I would like to thank KG Energy Pros for all the savings since the installation. I am 100% satisfied. Why pay more for electricity than you have to, thanks for the savings, I have told all my friends and relatives about KG Energy Pros!

I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly!

When I was introduced to KG Energy Pros, I was very skeptical. I was guaranteed my money back if I wasn’t happy with my results. I have a Towing Shop and my home is using the KG-2000. I have saved so much money the past couple years, way more than my monthly investment. I know I’m saving on an average of 20% monthly for the rest of my life, I’m a very pleased customer of this product! Thank you!

Matt J.

Mrs. Gilmore

The KG-2000 was the best investment I’ve ever made. I have cut my electric bill by one third. Thank you!

Ralph E.

Your KG2000 saved me 28% on my Electric Bill. Wow! I am very satisfied with my KG-2000 unit. Thank you

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