About Us

Everyone seeks to save money on bills wherever they can, whether that includes investing in insulation for the home, energy-efficient windows, or tightening the belt from time to time. But there’s a more immediate way to save and KG Energy is San Diego’s proud provider!

Motors (Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Pool Pump) and appliances are the biggest energy wasters in your home. The KG2000 captures and recycles otherwise lost energy/watts from the motors and appliances and releases it back when needed. This recycling of energy not only creates energy efficiencies and a lower energy bill, but it also reduces the amount of heat on the wires which can lengthen the life of the appliances and motors in your home.

The KG200 also protects your home or business from power surges.

For those of you that do have solar, the KG200 can help you too!  The energy efficiencies are also applied to power inverters on your solar system. When your appliances and motors are more efficient and require less energy, then your solar panel system will be able to provide more benefits to your property. If you are selling electricity back to the utility provider, this will lower your usage so you can put more money in your pocket.

Commercial Properties pay thousands of dollars every month on energy costs for refrigeration, air conditioning, and expensive motor driven equipment. Imagine the savings you can bring to these businesses. By helping them reduce operating costs, you boost the economy. As they are able to operate more successfully, they can expand and create more jobs, as well as provide a better product or service to our society. American Designed, Engineered & Made in the USA. We have residential and commercial units available. The KG2000 has been safety tested and is UL and CuL listed.